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 Audiobook Narrator and Performer

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To hear many more samples from events like Femme Audio Take Over and Narrator challenges, please check out the albums in my Tiktok! I know... I know... I'll get them added here someday like a responsible adult. *Insert Morgan Freeman voice* "She said, knowing full well she may never find the time to actually add them to her website. "

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The road to where I am

I have always loved performing, and started the theater arts at age 5. I couldn't get enough of the stage and was in one to two plays a year. I also pursued music and was always in a choir. I studied Theater Arts at SFSU and sang in Choirs and bands loving that life and living it to the fullest! In 2007 I became a mother and have absolutely loved embracing that phase of my life, becoming a Stay At Home mother and continuing my performances for my own personal little fans , my family! With the children getting older, I still had a driving love of acting and decided to learn all about audiobook recording. I have found a new passion and love getting to step into the booth and transport myself to other places as other people! It's been a huge learning curve, learning the technology, adapting theater acting to audiobook narrating,  which is so very different from what I thought it would be but in the best way!If your an author reading this, I would love to collaborate with you on your projects and get the opportunity to perform your book!

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Fellow Narrators! Lets collaborate and create an amazing and fun way to get to know each other! My dream for the Narrator card is for us to trade and collect each others, and for listeners to collect their favorite narrators all in one cute deck! The cards will have the same dimensions, and a QR code that will play anything you want it to say. The cards will showcase your unique personality... so let loose and make them the way your heart and soul wants too! We can then do special editions for events and just have fun with it! I will send out an email that will have info on dimensions, how to create them if you want to diy, how to create the QR code and how to store the audio file linked to it. There is a page at the top of my website that is dedicated to this project, and I will post all information and updates there. If you want updates sent to your email, please fill out the google form and lets get started!



As my husband snores on the other side of my Studio door, I'm so thankful that I have a home studio. I have been so lucky to be able to pop in and transport to the World of the books I narrate and journey with the characters and then pop back out to the World Of the Frappiers !

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 My rate is 250pfh for raw and 300pfh for engineered audio (always feel free to reach out to me to negotiate) and I also do Royalty Share . If your interested in collaborating on a project please feel free to email me at, or from my ACX or my Tiktok @blancafrappiernarrator .

Please note that I am a part time narrator, so it takes me longer to do projects so turn around time is usually 1-3 months from beginning to finished ready for retail (Mastered and engineered) audio, depending on the length of the book . That also includes two extra weeks per project for things like illness etc as a cushion.

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"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent van Gogh

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