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Tis the season !

If you've purchased an audiobook of mine for the Holiday Bazaar event, DM me through my Tiktok account and let me know! Then you get to collaborate with me to create a custom snippet audio clip and video! Once the Bazaar event is over, all who have purchased will be entered in to win a custom mug, cup or tumbler with a custom QR on it that will play custom audio clip and video created just for you!

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Holiday Bazaar

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

If you've purchased one of my audiobooks (can be found on Audible) for the Holiday Bazaar event, send me an email with a screenshot to and we can collaborate on a custom snippet for you! All who purchased one of my audiobooks, that send me an emailed screenshot , will be entered in to win a custom mug, tumbler or glass that have a QR code that will play a custom message or excerpt with video (with permission from rights holder) !

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